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Want To Write Better? Read Up!

You know how they say “you are what you eat”? Well, I say you write what you read. You’re probably thinking, “Great tip, Captain Obvious” but I doubt people actually digest what this means. Yes, corny pun intended.


you write what you read

Think about it. For someone who writes professionally, I am acutely in tune with my strengths and weaknesses. Sure, I can write pretty much anything the client asks for but some take a little more time and effort than others. And my turnaround time lies greatly on how easily the words flow.

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Writing Tip Wednesday: Make a stand with your brand

With everyone content-managing their sites and SEO-ing their work, how can you make your brand stand out? Make a stand with your brand.

whitehat copy writing tip branding

Branding is not just about what your logo, typeface, colors, or ringback tones say about who you are and what you do. It is more about what you stand for, what you believe in, what is at your core.
Let’s revisit the example we used in Branding your Copy. The ritzy Italian restaurant stands for elegance, fine taste and opulence. And that is exactly what is expected of everything their brand is attached to: from the restroom fixtures, to the drop lights, to the scents that permeate the air, even down to the staff’s nails. Any obvious deviation from that will threaten how their brand is perceived. So, it’s important to ensure everyone’s adherence to the restaurant’s brand image.
But what will make this ritzy Italian restaurant distinct from dozens of other similar places that serve the same cuisine, play the same quaint music, and employ the same decor?
That’s where brands need to dig into their core to see what makes them tick. If the world draws a line to separate the good from the better, the mediocre from the great, the mere mortals from the sublime, what would give this particular one instant recall?
Making sure the pantry is filled with only the freshest ingredients and the cellar with the finest wines are all astute restaurant management practices that will no doubt earn a thumbs up. But what exactly builds brand loyalty in the digital age? Relatability. And a brand can only be relatable if it bares its soul.
Where does your brand stand on the issue of fair wage? Equal opportunity employment? Ecological health? These are all issues consumers care about. And brands that care about the same causes are endearing to consumers.
Needless to say, the cause has to be real and the stand has to be genuine. In this digital age where information travels at the speed of light, phoniness can be a brand’s undoing.
A brand that stands for ecological health will not stop at segregated garbage and paperless transactions but will actually go out and support environmental organizations and activities. Outfitting the offices with natural power sources and reclaimed water will be a natural part of their infrastructure development plans.
A brand’s stand is what makes the difference when all experiences, prices, promos, customer service or algorithms are about the same. It is what seals the deal.
Make your brand stand out. Make a stand with your brand.