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Writing Tip Wednesday: Branding Your Copy

We, at WhiteHat Copy, believe in the “you are how you write” philosophy. We’re not talking about graphology or the analysis of handwriting, but how your copy affects your branding.

Before we get lost in the gobbledygook of jargons, let’s first define branding. A brand, according to Seth Godin, “is the set of expectations, memories, stories, and relationships that, taken together, account for a consumer’s decision to choose one product or service over another”. In a nutshell, it’s knowing who your audience is — every whim, every quirk, every hidden desire, every fear — and presenting yourself as the best choice for them.

Say you’re an Italian restaurant charging upwards of PhP 1,000 (US$25) per tiny plate of pasta, you simply do not play Air Supply and hope that your customers will actually come back. No, you are asking for a bad review. Not to disparage the classic duo, but “Making Love Out of Nothing At All” just doesn’t quite fit in with the ambience when the customer is trying her sophisticated best to twirl her linguine alla bolognese with her fork. Continue reading