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What Plastic Symbols Mean

Not all plastic bags keep food "safe".

You’ve probably noticed those symbols at the bottom of plastic bottles, the triangular chasing arrows emblem. We normally don’t think twice about what they mean but, as it turns out, it’s important for everyday folks like us to understand what these numbers signify.

The plastic coding system is a series of symbols that identify the most common plastic material used in the manufacture of a product or packaging.  The symbols are usually embossed on the bottom of plastic containers and bottles. Their purpose is to assist collectors with sorting the collected plastics by material type. They do not necessarily indicate that the product can be recycled or is made from recycled content. (Sustainability Victoria)

That said, let’s identify those seven plastic bottle codes and what things to note in their use.

Polyethylene terephalate or PET bottles are clear and lightweight and come to us as soft drink, juice, water, or salad dressing bottles or some spreads like peanut butter and fruit jam, too. Do not refill them because  they are good for one time use only. Continue reading