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WhiteHat Copy is a certified Online Lead Generator

We were thrilled to join the ‘One Million Lead Generation Cup’ when we first heard of it at last July’s SEO and Lead Generation Conference hosted by Janette Toral. We were already planning strategies, stories, and SEO tactics as we filled out the sign-up form.

Lancaster New City Lead Generation Conference

Our haul from the SEO and Online Lead Generation Conference where it all began.

Although we were expecting to have an adventurous ride with our first foray into real estate, we did not expect it to be so challenging. The goal of the competition was to provide leads for the sales team of PRO-FRIENDS, the developer of Lancaster New City, through online efforts like blogging, social media promotion, and the like. We learned early on, though, that not a lot of people are in the market for a new house. Since most of our initial plans (videos, Vines, photo series) fell through due to time constraints, we decided to focus on our own network. And sure enough some of our friends were looking to buy a house in this hidden gem just south of the metro.

Treasures of Cavite

Treasures of Cavite (clockwise from right): I Do Village in Lancaster New City; Malen’s Restaurant in Noveleta; and the Emilio Aguinaldo Shrine in Kawit.

The five-month competition has now come to a close. Awards have been given out, checks encashed and spent, and acquaintances have turned into friends. We may not have bagged the grand prize but we are glad to have been part of this interesting experiment.

Lancaster New City Online Lead Generation Cup Awarding

Lancaster New City Online Lead Generation Cup awarding and Christmas party

Lessons learned:

Relationship marketing rules

Digital advertisements don’t always work as you expect them to