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Daily Writing Tip: The Press Release Isn’t Dead

press release isn't deadThe press release isn’t dead…yet. But, sadly, many press releases hardly ever get noticed for one simple reason: they look like press releases. The odds don’t seem to be getting better says the 2012 Edelman Trust Barometer report. Surveying a 30,000-sized informed public from 25 countries aged 25-64 revealed that trust in newspapers dropped 16 points from last year; TV lost 26 points while radio and magazines slipped 13 points each. Collectively, though, there was a 10% increase in trust in traditional media.

So, what does this spell for the future of praise, er, press releases in corporate communications? Change needs to happen at the core. It needs to evolve with the societal culture of the times and, please, we don’t mean simply morphing into sponsored posts on blogs. Continue reading