What’s WhiteHat Copy?

WhiteHat Copy provides cross-platform content writing services through white hat thinking and strategies. We help businesses and individuals turn their communication objectives into professionally produced copy for a variety of purposes and target markets.

Our clutter-free creative process is based on de Bono’s Six Thinking Hats system, where the ‘white hat’ means working with all the relevant facts first. We combine this with careful attention to and understanding of your brand’s message to produce content that speaks your ideals.

As Europe’s leading futurist Patrick Dixon puts it, your brand is what other people will make it through the various online channels. Our years of experience in the communications industry enable us to identify the kind of material that drives Web 2.0 engagement and turns leads into conversions. Moreover, we are fully committed to our clients’ integrity and apply white hat strategies that comply with ethical industry standards.

No-frills, goal-oriented, and client-focused, WhiteHat Copy strips away the complications to promote the value of the human aspect of discourse. Contact us today and start the conversation.


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