VApreneurship 101: Why Build A Virtual Assistant Business

I’ve always believed that if you have more than one stream of expenses (and we all do) it’s foolish to have only one stream of income. This is precisely why even with my full time job of handling corporate communications for one of the largest multinational brands in the world, I’m also a Virtual Assistant Entrepreneur (VApreneur).



The term VApreneur was coined by my good friend Rochefel Rivera, who I met at a digital learning event a few years back. We instantly hit it off as we both believe in pricing our services competitively regardless of location, cultural background, etc.

You see, Filipinos, especially those based in the Philippines, are expected by the global industry to charge a song for their services—and to do so with a smile! This is something we at WhiteHat Copy certainly do not subscribe to.

So what’s the difference between a Virtual Assistant and a VApreneur? Attitude. It all boils down to how you see yourself: are you an employee or a service provider?

For instance, in this venture with my business partner, we offer communications services. Between us, we have nearly four decades of experience in communications covering several industries. We see ourselves as service providers and package our offerings as such.

Does that mean you need to be an expert to be a VApreneur instead of a Virtual Assistant? Not at all. VApreneurs can offer services ranging from something as simple as encoding to something as technical as web development.

Between these two extremes is an entire universe of needs that enterprising VApreneurs can fulfill, some of which are: telemarketing, secretarial services, writing, bookkeeping, headhunting, SEO management, and all-around digital ninja-izing. All these and more have a place in the continuously expanding global digital economy.

If you’re ready to build a business you can run in your pajamas, the first step is to learn the essentials of VApreneurship. Join the VApreneur One Day to FREEdom Workshop on October 22. Details below. Early birds will pay only P888 until October 8!