Cybercrime Law: An ‘accident’ waiting to happen

no to digital martial law

There is a saying in aviation that goes: “The accident has already happened, we’re just waiting for the plane to arrive at the crash site.” It simply means that the accident occurred way before the plane even made it out of the factory. It happened when the engineer miscalculated their measurements, when the technician dropped the ball and neglected to do their job properly, or when the inspector was feeling a bit under the weather and skipped a step or two in their checklist.

The Cybercrime Law is our plane crash. As a nation, we have repeatedly elected unqualified people to office, much to our dismay later on. It’s almost as if decades of Martial Law made us wary of placing educated people in position of power. But a fool in power is just as dangerous, if not more so, as a wise one.

Let this serve as a lesson, Pilipinas, especially in the upcoming Senate elections of 2013.

Yes, a Senate seat is precious. Don’t award it to just anyone. Being sporadically funny or seemingly nice doesn’t qualify a person to pen a law. We have to stop this fan mentality. Every single law our Congress comes up with will affect each and every one of us yet, the way things are going, these politicians have been milking us dry while they feed us nothing but fluff. Really.

Yes, a Senate seat is volatile. Every single problem our country is struggling with can be solved or worsened by the decisions of the Upper and Lower Houses of Congress.

Yes, a Senate seat is serious business. A vote that reflects or suppresses the voice of the people is in the hands of individuals chosen to represent our situations, challenges, missteps, and do something to solve them ASAP–not delay them until next election season. Putting someone’s name on the ballot just because they “want to help” is carelessness on the part of the voting public. Let’s demand more from these men and women. Demand excellence in character and grey matter. One cannot be more important than the other. Could you choose between the two halves of your brain?

This digital martial law is just as self-serving, just as tyrannical, just as disgusting as Marcos’s Proclamation 1081. Politicians are trying to fool the public into thinking that this unconstitutional law is for their own good and that makes it even more imperative for us to keep our ground and take note of the names of these folks.

In a democracy, or what little left we have of it, the power is in the hands of the people. Stand your ground and let your opposition be heard.

We have the right to SHARE our opinions whether they LIKE it or not. Right now, this plane is taxiing to a fatal crash.