Copywriting Fail: School Poster

Bad copy is more prevalent than is tolerable these days and it appears kids don’t get much better learning from their own school either. Case in point: Here is a tarp hanging outside a local school announcing its English improvement program. This copywriting fail would be funny if it wasn’t alarming.

WARNING: Highly emotional rhetoric after the jump.

 copywriting fail_school poster

So let’s play devil’s advocate for a moment. What insidious excuse might there be for this?

Budget constraints? School had no allocated budget to order a reprint? Please. We all know printers could care less about spelling. It’s not their job.

“It was spelled phonetically for a French accent class!” En-lish lang-uaage? PROFICIENCY!?

Granted that this was a simple typographical error, two things remain obvious: (1) They are not diligent enough to proofread their collateral; (2) They don’t care about this kind of careless mistake being associated with their brand of education. Smug rats they can be.

Dear Principal, you’re in charge of shaping young minds, FIRST. Let’s focus on the details, particularly, NOT becoming a laughable version of ourselves.

Tell the Board of Trustees to drop plans for their Mediterranean cruises because this school has sunk so low from its top 10 position a couple of decades ago and salad days are over.