Things that make you go hmmm…It’s complicated

Many people are suckers for stories of unrequited love and we’re no different here at WhiteHat Copy. Here’s a scene from the movie Love Actually where Mark fesses up about his long suffering affection for Juliet, who happens to be his best bud’s wifey. There’s no discounting the pathos and a few boxes of tissue demanded by this scene. In fact, sobbing like a teenage girl on her period is prescribed!

unrequited love

So, fellas, let’s say you did fall for your best friend’s girl. What do you do about it?

a. Sing “Jessie’s Girl” every time you see her and hope she takes the hint

b. Wait until they break up and make your move

c. Ask your best friend to go camping in the woods and come back alone

d. Tell her how you feel on sign cards and post it on YouTube (some of you are scribbling now)

As the line from the movie goes: “Love, actually, is all around.” If you’re in this situation, don’t despair. Watch the scene again for the full effect.