Writing Tip Wednesday: Commonly Misspelled Words

Between faulty spellchecks and text lingo, misspelled words have become as common as insect bites in the tropics. Some stealthy errors go unnoticed and spread like a virus until someone points it out and a bitter debate ensues.

Well, in an effort to promote world peace, let’s take a look at these commonly misspelled words in today’s post and take note of some tips on how to remember their correct spelling. ūüôā

whitehat copy writing tip

accommodate (verb) | remember: it has enough space for two Cs and two Ms

believe (verb) | write I before E

                            except after C

                            or when sounding like AY

                            as in neighbor and weigh

bookkeeper ¬†(noun) | word + word rule: when joining two words, don’t change their spellings

committed (verb) | when adding a suffix that begins with a vowel, double the final consonant

desert¬†(verb) | it’s single S if it’s unsavory, like abandoning your people

dessert¬†(noun) | it’s double S if it makes you slurp like when drinking milkshake

embarrass (verb) | it’s strong enough to handle two Rs and two Ss

illegitimate (adjective) | prefix + word rule: join a prefix and a word without changing their spellings

knowledge¬†(noun) | if you know where the ledge is, you won’t forget the correct spelling

memento¬†(noun) | remember: it’s about me not mo, so it’s a memento not a momento

Surely, you readers can think of a handful more of these tricky words. Do share with us and we’ll include them in a future sequel to this entry.