Things that make you go hmmm…Celebrity Edition

whitehat copy things that make you go hmmm

We hope everybody’s doing great and excited for the weekend. To break it in, WhiteHat Copy now gives you the celebrity edition of Things that make you go hmmm…

Celebrities are very much ingrained into our culture and, like it or not, they tend to become caricatures when they pass on. If you could choose a famous dead person to haunt you, who would it be?

a. Michael Jackson with a boa constrictor, a baby elephant, LaToya (wait, she’s not dead?), and Bubbles the Chimp

b. Elvis who’ll order you to make deep fried anything every 10 minutes

c. Whitney Houston’s ghost making prank calls to Bobby Brown

d. Ernest Hemingway spending the whole night staggering to and from your wine cabinet (Yeah, he’s an odd choice, but interesting, too!)

Turn your home into a prime celebrity tour spot and make a choice.