Copywriting Fail: Website Copy

whitehat copy copywriting fail

We love group buying sites as much as the next gal, especially if the deals are truly great steals. But reading their copy oftentimes give us a headache and so, we’re giving free lecture in today’s post.

The following was grabbed from one of the more popular group buying sites out there. We’ve blacked out the names of the product and the site to protect their privacy and our hineys.

whitehat copy copywriting fail

Let’s start the critique from top to bottom:

  • You can’t strike a pose and show off your photography skills at the same time. Yes, I know what they meant. It’s just the way they wrote it in the same sentence. “Oooh, arm’s length photography! So inspiring,” said no one, EVER.

  • Never put a hyphen after a period. Period.

  • “27mm wide-angle” what? Proofread. Always make sure your sentences are complete. Yes, everybody knows it refers to the lens. However, if you’re going to write with this kind of thinking, best keep it on post-its.

  • “Cover the whole picture without the cuts”? We’re not even sure what this means. Be simple. Be straightforward. Be intelligible. Communication 101: Communication is only successful when the message is understood.

  • Learn Compliment vs Complement

  • “unwanted damages and scratches” – as opposed to wanted ones? Omit needless words

  • “fashion sense; Red and Blue” OK, we’ll give the writer benefit of the doubt and chalk this one up to a typographical error. So, again, proofread!

These errors only mean the example cited here was not done by a professional and, if you were the client, one of the worst things that could happen is this copy goes viral for all the wrong reasons. The good news is getting a real copywriter is not expensive at all. Email us now to find out how we can help.