Copywriting Fail: Promo Copy

WhiteHat Copy took this photo a while back, Father’s Day to be exact. This cardboard ad jutted right onto the hallway of a high-traffic area of a mall. It stopped us on our tracks for sure. The juvenile copywriting error resulted in them totally missing out on the opportunity to reaffirm their brand’s image. TSK.

whitehat copy copywriting fail

They were apparently being stingy, too, and were willing to settle for whatever poor copy their creative agency churned out. This happens when the contract provides for limited revisions. How do we know? Well, upon background check for this piece, we come to find out it’s even posted on their official site.

whitehat copy copywriting fail

“Add more on your ‘Thank You Dad note”? So what exactly are they telling the consumer here? Pile more stuff on the notepad?