Facebook Business Page Reach Statistics

whitehat copy facebook business page reach statistics

Facebook business page reach statistics have been making small business owners squirm in their ergonomic home office chairs of late. A lot of chatter on why and how the change in the Facebook reach statistics will affect their businesses have given social media managers many a sleepless night.

So, WhiteHat Copy is giving the low down on that highly valued Facebook business page reach stats:

  • Reach statistics now include mobile views, whereas before, only included PC or desktop views (although, nobody actually really knew that)
  • Reach is now measured based on the number of people who actually viewed your post as opposed to the number of newsfeeds it showed up on

Here’s a real-world example of the new stats rule via fashion accessories Facebook page PrettyNicey’s Closet. The encircled portion at the bottom indicates the number of people who clicked on the update/post when it showed up on their newsfeed.

whitehat copy facebook business page reach statistics

Bigger numbers mean better audience engagement, right? Cool!

More Facebook management tips coming soon.