Daily Writing Tip: Write Drunk


ernest hemingway
We haven’t written anything in a while ’cause we have been crazy busy here at WhiteHat Copy so I’m gonna make this quick. I have to warn you, though, I might sound a little preachy today ’cause I’ve been listening to one of my favorite Pastors this past week that I was slaving through while bouting flu.

The Daily Writing  Tip we have is taken from one of Ernest Hemingway’s most quoted quips “Write Drunk, Edit Sober”. Of course, we all know Hemingway probably had to do a lot of things drunk ’cause that’s how he was most of the time. He might not have been exactly a fountain of sound advice, but he was on to something.

I’m not telling you to gobble up a bottle of vodka before sitting down in front of your computer. I’m taking Hemingway’s advice and serving it virgin.

For most writers – professional, starving, fledgling or published – one of the biggest problems we have is never ending  endless editing. Getting past the second paragraph without editing the first 50 bazillion times is a miracle.

So, how do you write and not miss deadlines? Do a Hemingway. Write drunk: drunk with passion, drunk with zeal, drunk with ideas, drunk with knowledge, drunk with feelings, drunk with intuition. And after is all said and done: edit. Edit with the eyes of a sober critic instead of an unforgiving one. Edit like a detached judge instead of a creator.

Be kind to yourself and your work and somewhere between writing drunk and editing sober, you’ll find a voice that’s uniquely yours. 🙂