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Carlo Ople advises to give your direct advertisers added value. Reserve premium space for them and place non-direct advertisers in the other available spaces.

Social media marketing and SEO talk now by Jason Acidre.

  • Inbound marketing is “cheaper, effective, measurable, scalable”.
  • Inbound marketing is founded on useful and compelling content. The more useful it is, the easier it gets shared.
  • Look into visitor statistics. Minimal charts and graphs aren’t harmful to your health.

Sean Si, SEO Hacker, is on the mic.

On-site optimization is one of the major factors of SEO.

The Title Tag is the most important SEO tool for your site and should summarize what your site is about. Limit it to 70 characters so they don’t get cut off and use the most relevant keywords.

Keyword density is the ratio or how many times you use them in the entire article. Sean doesn’t advise being OC about keyword count. Just write as you know that PEOPLE will read.

Keyword prominence is positioning them on the first few lines of your article: title, first sentence, or first paragraph,

Keyword proximity is how close you place them together. More words in between will affect your ranking.

AFTERNOON SESSION begins with ‘Blogging, social media and journalism: The use, misuse and abuse of freedom of expression’ by Danilo Arao.

“No matter how private your settings are, they’re still part of the public domain.”

“Freedom is not absolute.”

Observe ethics and its standards must be high.

Bloggers’ Code of Ethics:

  • Be honest and fair
  • Minimize harm

Danilo Arao points the essence of responsible journalism: To shape public opinion by providing RELEVANT information.

The same standards apply to journalism and blogging.

When asked about what to do with cyber attackers, Professor Arao says it’s best not to file libel against the person. Rather, expose them to the public without stooping to their level.

Up next, Tonyo Cruz.

When Ondoy hit in 2009, bloggers were maximizing social media for relief efforts. Same thing for the CDO-Iligan floods last year.

For many years, SEO was just about making money. Now, bloggers pool together for causes such as taking back the word “Filipina” and reinvent its connotations online.

Social media tools for social good:

  • Facebook Page
  • Twitter (and hashtags)
  • Online petitions
  • Blogging
  • Anonymous Blogging
  • Maps
  • Video

Help civic groups get into social media. Blog about your politicians and their activities.

Social media for social good = being a good citizen.

‘Unwritten Blogging Etiquettes’ by Gellie Anne Abogado just started.

  • Do your research before posting on a topic.
  • Plagiarism is taboo.
  • Respect for any external party who wants to connect with your blog.
  • Consider first a critic’s point before going on a fit of rage
  • If you believe an event doesn’t fly with your blog genre, then don’t go. Don’t push it or your post will fail.

COMELEC’s James Jimenez is up on stage talking about the Overseas Absentee Voting program. Right now, there are around 12.5 million Pinoys abroad and only 4.7% of them are registered to vote.

COMELEC is asking bloggers to get the word out on Overseas Absentee Voting. Make it relevant to one’s own lifestyle, niche, etc.

James Jimenez’ parting words: “Don’t expect, suggest.”  Was he echoing U2?

Update: We asked him via Twitter (@jabjimenez) and he confirms it. Mr. COMELEC was indeed quoting the best band in the world. 🙂