Foreign Words in English Part 3

Time to unload another batch of foreign words in English!

Sine qua non  (Latin) – an essential condition

Gumption is sine qua non of any real fashion icon.

Sotto Voce (Italian) – in a quiet voice; not to be overheard

The speaker’s dramatic sotto voce intervals during his speech were well received.

Savoir-faire (French) – ability to say and do the correct thing

Her impeccable savoir-faire won the heart of the Duke.

Sans souci (French) – carefree

A couple of bottles of wine later, the mood in the meeting turned sans souci.

Pro bono (Latin) – free of charge

He’s lucky a top notch lawyer offered his services pro bono.

Prima facie (Latin) – accepted as correct on first impression until proven otherwise

The prima facie evidence in his case was compelling enough to warrant a trial.

Persona non grata (Latin) – unacceptable or unwelcome person

He was declared persona non grata by her family after they found out that he cheated on her.

Nom de plume (French) – pen name

Sometimes, the hardest part of a writer’s task is choosing a nom de plume.

Nom de guerre (French) – pseudonym

A nom de guerre is sometimes necessary in a celebrity’s life, especially when checking into hotels.

Savoir-faire in speaking is sine qua non especially in the company of the tout le monde. So, make sure to stretch those minds and tongues and learn to use these foreign words in English language properly.