Daily Writing Tip: Basic SEO 2.0

We’ve previously talked about basic SEO tricks that are so simple a two-year old could’ve fidgeted through it. (OK, maybe not that young but, hey, you don’t know anymore.) In the post, we discovered neat things that help us monitor and maintain our site’s good performance, or search engine PR, so we’re sharing a couple more them with our precious followers. (Read: YOU) And these are:

Optimize your keywords

Create a template of keywords you use and monitor their performance. List your outbound keywords — those that you use in your posts — and compare them with inbound keywords — those that others use to find your site. You’ll find the latter in the built-in monitoring system of your website. You can then adjust the keywords that you use for more effective and efficient search results performance.

Monitor your ranking

You can check your ranking in five search engines at once on Ranks.NL. Just pick which five search engines those are, enter your URL, and it gives you the lowdown on your site’s performance. It’s such a breeze to use. You can also check for your keywords and see how you fare.

Follow these two basic SEO tips to help you in your quest for that coveted first page. If you have your own tips to share, do leave us a note on the Comments box.