Daily Writing Tip: Photo Release Guide

Some events and gatherings don’t merit a full feature press release but are newsworthy just the same and this is where a photo release comes in. A photo release’s bearing, as the name implies, is anchored on the photo. It’s your job to choose one that invites interest and/or impressions. And, no, botox-ridden, half-smiles of the beau monde are not what we’re talking about.

Here are some basic tips on how to shoot a photo that won’t get buried in the pages of your local daily:

  • If it’s a corporate function, say, a seminar or workshop, include a backdrop that identifies the name of the activity. See those celebrity photos with top-to-bottom logos behind them? There’s your clue.
  • Try to avoid firing squad photos. You know what I mean, people lined up like they’re about to be shot in an orderly fashion. If it’s a light, social function, e.g. an anniversary or milestone celebration, you can definitely get away with more interesting angles.
  • Photographs for publication should have high resolution, about 2480 x 3508 pixels (4 inches x 6 inches or 4A JPEG file with at least 300 dpi).
  • Captions should be clear and accurate. Misidentifying the powers-that-be in your company is never a good reason to get called into the boss’s office. Entire PR teams have been vanquished because of this!

Finally, as with any photo you’re taking, ask yourself, “What does it say?” Pick your best answer.