Daily Writing Tip: Foreign Words in English Usage – Part Two

We’re ending this fabulous week with a sequel to one of your favourite topics, foreign words used in English. Enjoy!

Ad Nauseam (Latin)  to a sickening degree

The senatorial debate showcased the candidates’ ignorance ad nauseam.

Beau Monde (French)  – high society

So delectable was the buffet spread even the beau monde were caught drooling over it.

Bon Vivant (French) – a person who enjoys a sociable and luxurious life

Spending his childhood in Tuscany turned him into quite the bon vivant.

Carte Blanche (French) – complete freedom to act as one wishes or thinks best

Every person should spend a part of his young adult life with complete carte blanche.

Comme ci comme ca (French) – so-so

Some performers would rather hear a horrible review than being told that their show was comme ci comme ca.

Doppelganger (German) – a ghostly double of a living person that haunts its living counterpart

Since we went to different universities, most people are unaware that I have a twin. Some mistake her for my doppelganger.

Entre Nous (French) –   between ourselves, privately

Entre nous, they are at risk of losing their business.

In medias res (Latin) – into the midst of things

I love stories that open in medias res.

Mea culpa (Latin) – I am to blame

A politician’s mea culpa is often perceived as nothing more than a strategy.

Schadenfreude (German) – pleasure at someone else’s misfortune

Some people are so insufferable that you can’t blame society’s schadenfreude about them.

It’s fun to learn something new every day. So, don’t keep this entre nous, go ahead and tweet about your bon vivant life!