Eco-friendly Green Writers

In honor of Earth Day 2012, which is next Sunday, 22 April, we’re dedicating this week to environment topics as our way to promote eco-friendly green writers. So how can we participate?

First, help get the word out by posting in your blog, Facebook, Twitter or any other online community about Earth Day 2012. Everyone in your circle is very much an armchair eco-warrior as yourself, I know, but as long as we’re taking short drives to the store instead of biking or walking there, we owe it to the planet to remind each other about our carbon footprint.

Second, you can be a volunteer blogger for the Earth Day Network.

Be a Guest Blogger

Are you interested in being featured on the Earth Day Network Blog?  We regularly cover issues ranging from environmental education, to sustainable food, to developments in environmental policy.

We welcome contributors from all backgrounds.  If you would like to craft a blog entry or simply send us a tip, please fill out the form below to get started.

Third, find out what Earth Day activities are happening in your own locale and just show up. Of course, it would be great to lend a hand but if you can’t do that, at least write an article about it. The organizers will need all the help they can get so why not let them know you’re covering the event? They can even help with the material.

Fourth, identify and commit to your own method to fight global warming. If you haven’t done so before, Earth Day will be a good starting point.

Some cynics have been attempting to dismiss global warming and we’re not sure why they’re even trying to but could somebody please give these people a hug? Seriously, going eco-friendly shouldn’t be complicated because it’s a matter that puts every one of us in danger. Either we help out or we sweep the rug from right under us.