Twitter twit no more

Crafting interesting, well thought-out copy in 140 characters or less is a bit challenging for most. But to create retweetable content is even harder, especially for brands. Do you go funny, mysterious, clever, controversial or promise highly covetable prizes? Unless you were vacationing in an alternate universe the past five years and managed to escape the financial mess the world’s been in, then the last option is out of the question.

In this white noise-filled, content-driven economy, attention is the most valuable currency. So how do you stand out in a timeline that’s filled with funny, mysterious, clever, controversial and the occasional prize-dangling posts? Go back to the basics of writing. No matter the platform or medium, content remains king.

  • Be concise – The quicker you get to the core of your message the better. After all, you only have 140 characters of space to use.
  • Use active voice – Passive voice may be more comfortable for some people to use but it’s boring for most to read. You want your followers to do two possible things: actually read your tweet and share it.
  • Know your audience – Fashion content that is appealing to your readers and not solely anchored on the purpose of your tweet. You may feel good about sending out your website’s link out there but you need to ask yourself whether there’s someone on the receiving end and if there is, how it will be perceived.
  • Engage your audience – Unless you’re one of the few brands with a cult following, too much self-promotion will turn people off. So, put yourselves in their shoes and talk about something they will find interesting. Be a useful source of information about your industry not just your brand.
  • Be Interesting – Depending on the type of business you have and the kind of online reputation you wish to maintain, you can toggle among the different styles mentioned above – funny, clever, controversial, etc. But one key component that needs to be present at all times is “interesting”.
  • Be consistent – Be consistently remarkable. The moment you become boring, your avatar will fade into the background and your followers will never bother to read your posts. That is, if they don’t unfollow you altogether.

Twitter can be friend or foe. Remembering these easy tips can keep you out of harm’s way. Just the same, be ready to be tossed around like a salad and pass the dressing!